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FLOEMA is a new jewelry brand all design and handmade by me, Valentina Caprini, goldsmith, and artist based in Florence.

The name FLOEMA is inspired by the vascular tissue of the plants, which brings the lifeblood from the roots to the branches and makes flowers and fruits bloom.

I am inspired by my family’s feminine sartorial tradition, my roots, and I bring it in my job, creating new dialogues between threads and metal.

Through a long manual process, I wave gold and silver threads I weld them with fire, using the ancient Filigree technique, to create transparent and light jewels.

I experiment with endless possibilities of the precious metals waving, to create wearable and minimal shaper, that sometimes contains precious stones.

Each FLOEMA piece is elegant and unique, created with a refined goldsmith’s technique in a small laboratory equipped with machines dated to the beginning of the ‘900.

Like the lifeblood makes the plant evolve, so FLOEMA gives part of its income to PLAN INTERNATIONAL, a charity that works hard to eliminate the child brides phenomenon.

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