The FEBE ring is a SPECIAL and limited offer to welcome you in the FLOEMA Jewelry world!

 Febe is a natural satellite che rotates around Saturn: the name comes from the Latin word "Phoebe" that means " shiny", "bright".

Two precious stones are set on the OPPOSITE POLES of the minimal line of the gender free FEBE Silver ring. 

Choose your favorite TWO STONES from a diamond, a ruby, an emerald or a sapphire.

According to your mood or outfit, you can decide which stone you want to show and which to eclipse in the palm of your hand just by turning the ring on your finger!






    • select "choose a different stone combination for each ring" from the drop-down menu above
    • click on "add to cart"
    • go to the site cart 
    • write in the "add a note" section which stone combination you prefer for each ring


    Ring n°1: Diamond- Ruby

    Ring n°2: Sapphire- Emerald

    Ring n°3: Ruby- Sapphire

    Ring n°4: Emerald- Ruby