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IF YOU HAVE ALREADY A RING THAT FITS YOU  (or the person that you want to give a present to), and you want to know which size corresponds to that ring, print 100% mode the chart below, and check with a ruler if the 3 cm on the side of the chart really corresponds to this length.

 Place your ring on the top of the circles,  until you find the one that matches. 

When you choose the size, please make sure that when you place your ring on the top of the circle, you do not see the outline of the printed circle.

If you are torn between two sizes, choose the bigger one.


IF YOU DON’T HAVE A RING FOR REFERENCE: once that you have printed the chart, fold the circles in half and cut out the circles exactly along the outside circumference.

Then you can put your finger inside and find your size out. 

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