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The organic structure of the Life collection contains minute shapes created with precious metal threads, all different from each other, and small gold or silver spheres, that unveil themselves with the light reflection. Multiplying the number of cells I create wearable, airy and transparent shapes.

These jewels are created using the FILIGREE TECHNIQUE, the art of waving precious metal threads. This art has ancient origins. the first archaeological finds date back to 3000 a.C. in Mesopotamia. It is fascinating to think nothing has changed since then.

The process is slow and entirely handmade, it is impossible to mechanize or replicate.

Ultra-thin gold and silver threads, thick as a hair, are woven one by one in organic shaper with special plier, handmade for this purpose.

In order to protect and make them wearable, the embroideries are welded with fire in thicker structures. The result of this Italian workmanship is light and elegant jewels, comfortable to wear, that have both an ancient tradition legacy and a contemporary and unique design.

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